Wednesday, 2 March 2011


For my new brief we have to advertise a product and I have been given a red and cream bra which I am happy with as I can produce a diverse range of designs and innovative packing to aim this product at different ages because a small bra size isn't necessarily aimed at a young audience.

Ideal Customer
Target audience?
Can vary from a young target audience to a mature target audience but must be old enough to suit a provocative style of product.

What car do they have?
If it's a young person they might not drive but if it's someone who is more mature they could drive a average car like a Vauxhall or could drive a top of the range vehicle such as a Range Rover.

What job do they have?
They could be a student either in high school, college or university and could possibly work in any profession but because of the high street label it would be a normal job like a retail's assistant, teacher, model or hairdresser.

What age are they?
For a younger person it would be aimed at 14-20 years as younger people might choose it to seem more mature and appeal older and mature women would be 30-40 years but it could be older.

Where do they live?
They would live in a standard size house or a small house due to the wage they are paid for their profession.

What lifestyle do they have?
They could be either chilled and relaxed meeting with friends and family and socialising or if they were younger they could be out clubbing or partying.

Physical Appearance?
I think their style would consist of provocative clothing or quite feminine with a slim figure and small chest.

This would only suit a female gender with a girly personality or intent to look older and appeal more sexy.

Do they have children?
They could have children or they could be a child themselves if they were reaching a teenage age.

What music do they listen to?
Due to the warm colour of the bra I think they would listen to positive music like dance or pop music with the bright colour scheme used.

What food do they eat?
From the colours used I would predict they like hot and spicy food but they could like any food but it would would be aimed at a high street market level so food places like KFC, McDonald's and Burger King. They can also dine at local Chinese, Indians and Thai restaurants.

What drinks do they drink?
I think the perfect person for this product would either live a normal life drinking tea and coffee and having the occasional drink at a local pub but then the other target audience this product could attract for a partying lifestyle could drinks alcoholic drinks regularly.

Where do they go on holiday?
From the colours used in the bra I would predict they would go somewhere hot and populated by tourists.

Where do they socialise?
They could socialise in pubs, clubs, work,friends and family both different lifestyles of the older and younger.

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