Friday, 25 March 2011


The other night I watched a documentary called " Katie and my beautiful friends" as is all about people that have a disability and how they deal with it on a daily basis. Have you been watching it? Some of the stories are shocking and all you can feel is sympathy and you realise how lucky you are. I find it interesting looking at people's reactions on the street it's appalling how judgemental our society is and how people can classify these people as freaks when they are just human beings. These people have twice as much strength and courage that any other person has and if I was in their shoes I wouldn't be able to deal with it. I can't understand why people bully and intimidate people when it's not their fault, do they not realise that these people are aware of their deformities they don't need somebody to continuously remind them.Don't you just hate them people? In my opinion I think everybody is beautiful were all equal, because they have something physically different doesn't mean their not a nice person so why do British people judge people on what they look like they should learn to look deeper than just looks.What is beauty?

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