Tuesday, 22 March 2011


1. Get the front and back pieces.
2. Close the dart in the front shoulder seam and secure with masking tape.
3. Place both shoulder seam stitch lines together and secure with masking tape.
4. Draw a 5cm seam allowance all the way round the neckline and curve slightly.

5. Trace off the pattern and add the relevant information ( cut x1 on the fold in fabric and interfacing, name and grain line)
6. Cut pattern out.


Overall, I am pleased with my final outcome even though my learning curve for the day was to understand what would happen if you cut too much off whilst reducing bulk and I have learnt to not do it again as I cam across too many problems whilst creating the retaining row and the fraying of the fabric. It's juts too much effort! It still turned out well and I am impressed that I have learnt a new skill to apply to the dress we will make for the fashion show.


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