Monday, 26 November 2012


For the final task of my brief I have to create 10 final print samples that showcase my chosen concept. My samples are varied within pigment printing, transfer printing and polychromatic printing. I have kept to the same colour scheme but tried to experiment with different ways I can see my prints and in which printing technique the exposed print works best. Out of all the printing techniques I have like the finish of Pigment printing the best but layers of all three techniques we have learnt can created some of the most interesting textures in print.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


This week I created a window display for GP Studios, London. I have been organising this window display for quite some time now and finally the time has arrived that I can see part of my collection in a  different place other than my wardrobe at home. GP Studios does a lot for high street companies creating on installations and window displays, so it's great to work with a different group of people.

Hopefully it attracts people to the company and lets people in London see my designs and work.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Yesterday, I attended a workshop that was modelling on the stand for the purpose of allowing us Textile designers to understand the way in which we place the print onto the body. With print as a textile element, you have to simplify the shape of the garment to let the print do the work. We worked in pairs and pinned the fabric onto the body, that if we took off we could create a pattern from. Me and my partner started of quite complex and began to simplify the drape as we went along taking a pin out at a time and seeing how it would look. I think overall we produced some really good interesting shapes that I would be happy to create with a print design.
Which one is your favourite?  


As part of our assessment evidence we took part in a Creative Catalyst workshop where we created compositions of colour that would relate to our final colour palette. We had the task of collecting a variety of different collectives and textures within a similar colour scheme and apply them to a surface in certain format. I found this workshop extremely inspiring as I don't often use colour within my work, but seeing colours together that you wouldn't expect has allowed me to accept colour within my print work. This would be quite interesting to see on a colour board demonstrating images and objects that showcase the colour that has inspired your palette. If you do struggle with colour and laying out a format of creative objects I would definitely recommend this methodology, as it is practical way of understanding your colour palette. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Today we finally started work using the stencil artwork on the screens. I prepared my Tracing paper stencil in advance, which was based on contemporary architecture. I extracted shapes and patterns from a variation of different contemporaries and combined them altogether to create this symmetrical artwork. I found that this technique worked really well for this design as it bought out all the intricate details whilst contrasting to the blocks of colour. The colours I mixed were a good match to my colour scheme, even though the first attempt on Calico came out rather stronger than I hoped.The white Silk diluted the colour, to give it a weaker colour, which linked in with my colour scheme. Even though, this process is quite time consuming, I find that it the most appropriate for accurate drawings and precise measurements as it is copying everything you put to paper. Unlike the Transfer and Sublimation techniques, they are quite loose and hard to control, which makes it difficult for you to get straight and accurate lines. I think for my final samples, I will definitely use this process and make it more complex, as I know this way works for the shapes I am thinking of creating.
What do you think?


I am trying to get as many people to vote for my Capsule collection for Vogue Muuse. I entered the competition and thought I would see how many votes I can get. If you get a spare moment just go to and look for EMILY JACKSON and then 'Vote' and it will send you a confirmation email, to your address, confirm it and you have voted. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So it is getting serious now.. University has officlaly started with the dreaded essay. I have to write an essay on an object/ image and relate it to a quote by "Vanessa Steele", Fashion Theory. In which case, I have chosen to relate my essay to My Grandad's Soldiers Service and Pay Book, from the Second World War. I have chosen this object as it relates to me and someone that I was close to and provides me the opportunity to get to understand his achievements in the army. I found some information on the Military uniform and the book itself. I also took pictures of tanks and the information on the tanks from that period, as I knew that he was related to TANKS in some way. At the moment they have an exhibition on "CECIL BEATON", if you are personally interested in War photography.
I would recommend this to the public that like to explore the past in war.
Go explore...


Recently I took part in a fashion show where my garments for my a/w 2012 capsule collection were showcased in front of an audience. I only sent down 3 of my complete outfits as the BIG move to London proved difficulty in transporting the garments from Cheshire. It was nice to see them in a different venue and worn by different models. I am pleased with how the show went and thoroughly enjoyed myself, whilst meeting a nice selection of people in the creative arts.

I would give 10/10 for this event and would consider any designer to attend and showcase their collections.


The first workshop within print I attended was TRANSFER PRINTING. This consisted of created drawings with sublimation inks on newsprint paper, so that when the heat from the heat press secures the drawing it transfers onto the plain fabric. I found this technique quite easy to get the hang of and showed variety of different drawings in different colours taken from my architecture research. Some of my attempts didn't really work and personally I didn't like them as much when they were transferred, as they were too bright. My favourites were the black and white samples and the brown samples. I would consider this technique to be quite fun and enjoyable and would be suited for more expressive illustrations; rather than intricate and technical.
Have a go!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


As it was a Sunday me and my flatmates decided to go to Liverpool Street Station, home to Spitalfields market and petticoat Lane market. Whilst roaming around the Market stalls, we took the chance to walk down Brick Lane, where there was a vintage sale in an underground basement.


Today I went to the V&A and had a look at the latest exhibition which is called "Ballgowns", which has all of the Couture garments designed from legendary pioneers of fashion like Biba; Elsa Schiaparreli; Ossie Clark and Vivienne Westwood. I found that this was quite refreshing as I haven't seen so many famous designs under one roof before. From this window displays I looked at the vibrant prints that was iconic in that era.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I have already been moved in for a week and three days now and already seen so much in London.

08/09/12 - Move into The Costume Store, London. Meet flatmates and get settled in.
09/09/12 - Went to Oxford Street and Shepherd's Bush with 2 flatmates and did a little window shopping ( can't forget that we are tight with our money now we are students.)
10/09/12 - Went to Trafalgar Square and watched the Olympic and Paralympic parade to the Mall.
11/09/12 - Went to Shepherd's Bush Market and found where I am going to be studying for the next 3 years. Also found a library which is always handy for an art student.
12/09/12 -Went to Notting Hill Gate and bought some vintage style shoes for £12 which was a good bargain.
13/09/12 - Arrived at Seven Sisters, and attended an internship with a designer called Martine Rose, which was enjoyable, hand sewing menswear jackets to be shipped to Paris, Japan and London.
14/09/12 - Martine Rose Internship.
15/09/12 - Job hunting in North Acton ( No Luck)
16/09/12 - Did a little bit of coursework in preparation for the start of first year.
17/09/12 - Went to Notting Hill library and became a member and also went to Kensington Library.
18/09/12 - Attended London Fashion Week, we caught it on the last day so it wasn't as bus. Went to Soho and got some really nice fabric samples and trimmings. Also went to Oxford street and took some images of window displays and went to Covent Garden and had a Paul's for dinner.
As you can see I am keeping myself quite busy trying to fill up my time I have until term starts.
I enrol on Thursday so wish me luck!