Thursday, 17 March 2011


During this brief about advertising and creating a brand identity and making an impact on the public to invest in the brand and present themselves to a market level.This documentary I cam across is about Lily Allen and how she has changed her image from a pop star to a normal person with an ambition to open her own vintage shop. This was interesting as it revealed all the stages of beginning in the retailing industry and creating her own identity away from the image she had created in the music industry. The journey she followed creating music had been traded in for a new journey to sell clothes to people that can't afford expensive vintage clothing. Buying all the clothes herself and taking inspiration from a Beatles's song "Lucy in disguise" renting out an office built on top of sandwich shop she trades in fortune for a normal 9 to 5 job. Mary Portas guides her critically advises her about the market level as Lily has a specific target audience of a girl 20-30 years of age creating 3 different price ranges which are too high for a normal person to stretch towards. I will continue to follow this documentary and wonder if it will work out and if she accomplishes her dream ambition.

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