Tuesday, 8 March 2011


After blogging about inspiration from Mulberry I realised I missed something out about fringing. I had taken this idea form a garment seen in one of the adverts that Mulberry had done and thought it would look really nice if I recreated it on a bag. I used both fabric and paper to see the difference in movement and which suited the market level in which Mulberry was at. Both worked wonders and looked effective but the fabric sample suited a ready to wear market level and obtained a nice texture. I could possibly use this sample if I was given lingerie to create a feminine movement in the packaging and look elegant on a advertisement. I tried two different thicknesses and preferred the thinner thickness as it provided more shape and volume and was closest to the one in the advert. Do you think I should use this technique in my design? You might prefer a different idea I've got planned!

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