Sunday, 27 February 2011


One of the brands that I researched was Mulberry and decided to recreate their packaging logo and styles in which they advertised their brand. I recreated the same logo in different medias and materials to experiment with what I liked and also what didn't work so well. First of all I cut away from the brown paper to reveal the white background and in this instance I think I managed to secure an accurate shape and the contrast of both colours work well together. On the blog and website of this brand it uses the same colours but the reverse way round so I thought I would use the same colours to allow it to suit to the same target audience but change it to see what it would look like. This technique creates the same mellow mood shared in the advertisements with the neutral colours. I adapted it by using different colours as the background and layering paint on top to create different textures and colour contrasts. I also used it as a stencil and printed the design on both fabric and paper to see the difference in properties and texture using the right and opposing side of the stencil creating a different pattern. I made a bag to sample the design on to alternate it from 2d form into a 3d form to see if it would work and I think I have been able to create a nice effect and would definitely use this technique in my design if the shape of my product is a suitable shape and size.
Another idea I picked out from Mulberry's research was the handbag features form the products advertised in the advertisements and extracted the straps and logo and replicated it using various me
dias and techniques to see which sample I preferred and would like to use in my designing process.Firstly I started out with a pencil draft on the 3d form of a bag and though of different ways I could change it to make it suit a different target audience of a high street, couture and ready to wear market level. Similar to the other sample I used a cutting out method to reveal the underneath layer and though it would look good for bulky packaging if I layered up different fabrics and paper to make it stand out to a couture market level as it takes a lot of time and effort to make it more personal. I think this technique worked well but I could have improved it by adding colour to make it youthful and energetic like the Mulberry advertising. Other medias I used was masking tape and Biro to highlight the features with two contrasting colours to get an idea of colour schemes would work taken from shades used in advert sing of the props using bold colours. If I were to improve it I could merge all the techniques together to create different textures and patterns revealing other colours over and under the features. The last media I used was a collage of different textures and colours to uplift the main features of the handbag. This worked very well but I could reduce the amount of texture and print it on the bag but have selected sections that are touchable... similar to a baby's book educating them in animals by making it TOUCHY FEELY.

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