Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Bra advertising has change dramatically throughout the years. I have been researching into different brands that base their image around bras and lingerie researching into historical brands such as Jantzen to more contemporary brands like Wonderbra both sending the same message but in different ways. Nowadays, the advertising is usually quite provocative and sexy focusing on the women's body and what the bra can offer in comparisons to high street chains. Wonderbra differs from the ordinary seductive pose using graphics and different imagery aiming it at a different audience making them stand out. As the lingerie brands develop I have noticed that some of the advertising doesn't relate to what they are selling as the as the clothing is overpowered by backgrounds and props. The older brands advertise their products in a similar way but it appears to look more elegant and create a calming mood using structured and asymmetrical shapes exaggerating the chest and making it stand out off the model. I have sampled a few adverts but tried to go against the ordinary pose and make it more individual and see if it works and it has worked to suit a younger age but I could develop it to focus on the bra.

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