Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Throughout my research I have looked into both packaging and advertising for the product I have been given. I looked at a range of innovative designs which all used similar font styles and bright colour schemes attracting a younger target audience and youthful population. First of all I looked at Victoria's secret looking at their feminine appearance with the pink and red stripes and different boxes and bags suited for different products.It inspired my designing by giving me a clearer idea of how lingerie should be displayed making every little detail count. I also researched into Agent Provocateur and was influenced by the bra shapes created and thought I would incorporate the same idea but change the medias and make it stand out. Similar to Victoria's Secret the brand used bold, powerful colours suiting the appropriate audience and advertises quality of the packaging if you purchased the lingerie. Furthermore, I looked into Juicy Couture and how they wrapped up their lingerie in shapes of lolly pops and an assortment of different candy using stripes and spots to make it look realistic.All these brand put a lot of thought into their packaging and I would like to do the same make it as creative as possible but still keep the purpose of it being secure and look good. Agree?

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