Sunday, 13 March 2011


Before I chose whether I was going to do an advertisement or packaging, I experimented with photographs and photo shop using the product as main focus of the composition. For the first advert I photographed my sister in the bra changing the angles and poses to see which one suited the youthful target audience. I styled her clothing to look as though she is older portraying the image of younger girls nowadays wanting to grow up quickly and dressing in a way that would make them appeal that way. The colour is quite seductive and raunchy so it wouldn’t suit someone of my sister’s age but the concept behind the advert is to show that girls are trying to mature and dressing more provocatively to fit in with their friends. I edited this photograph in photo shop and paint to get the crimson red background highlighting the bra’s shade and inserted a text box with various slogans in a contrasting colour making the message stand out. The font size is standard size to fit in with proportion to the overall composition and bold and in capitals to make it stand out from the background. My logo is fairly simple as it highlights the colour in the outfit but remains consistent from the slogan used at the top of the advert. I like how it has turned out as it looks professional and the colours and text work well together making it coherent to the reader. Using the bright background would make it stand out next to other adverts making it get noticed increasing the popularity of the brand identity.

The next attempt I took the same image and paired it with two other shots to get different angles and poses showing more of the collection taking inspiration from designers that release the same collection but using different adverts. I also changed the slogan similar to other adverts that use different slogans sending various messages suited to different target audiences. This advert compared to the original advert is more creative and would appeal to a range of different people whereas the other is simple but still sends the same message and gives the same information. The overall message of both of these adverts is to say that no matter what bra size you are you might as well flaunt what you’ve got to the public and not hide something, someone else might find beautiful. All these poses show attitude which a person that would by this bra would have built in their character. I liked how this advert turned out suiting different people attracting a wider range of customers. If I were to improve I could have added a background or setting to the advert and used an older more mature model making git suit an older target audience showing the comparison. The poses were inspired by Mulberry’s adverts making them effortless and simplistic but sending a deep message and calm mood and atmosphere.

The last attempt was a lot more challenging than the other two dividing the advert into 4 separate quadrants using different views, angles and takes from the photo shoot. For this I used close up shots using different innovative ways to position the bra on the model making it different to normal bra advertisement and revolutionising a new image for my brand identity. I photographed separate images with the face and legs showing different shapes and angles and layering them onto a background making it stand out with the light outfit used. The colour scheme used in these adverts would be the colour representing the brand taking the shade used as the bra. The font style remains the same from the other adverts and uses a lot of information to provide the message targeted to an older audience. This was inspired by the Adidas advertisements taken in different places and using different parts of the body and photographic angles. This sets a energetic mood suiting an older teenager with a cheeky mischievous character implicating what the bra can offer, changing the way you act. Out of all of these adverts I prefer this advert as it is suited to my age and looks rather professional promoting the brand and product in a creative manner. If I were to improve this advert I would insert a background and enlarge the advert to make the different photographs appear more coherent.

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