Tuesday, 15 March 2011


For my packaging design I decided to use the concept of making women feel good about themselves no matter what bra size they are and allowing my product to appeal to a range of customers either: girls going through puberty and acting older; middle aged mothers who have small body frames and then people who enjoy dressing up in a provocative way. Mainly my bra was aimed at small breasted women but I experimented with different ways I could reach a different target audience and how I observe people's attitudes and interest of fashionable lingerie.
For my bag I started off tracing off the net of the shapes and size I wanted from another retailer's net shape. I gathered fabric which was a light colour representing the cream in the bra and stitched into the inner handle of my bag so it was not obvious.I cut my holes out and layered the logo underneath alongside the stitched beading making sure my measurements were precise. I used a thin card representing the high street market level my product was aimed at by styled it in a manner that makes it look more expensive. From recent pattern cuttings lessons I was inspired to line my bag with the font style of my brand identity and punch the holed to thread the cording through making sure it doesn't twist.I enjoy making little cute fiddly things so I placed bows at the bottom of the bag acting as confetti and wrapped the product in layers of white and red tissues paper accompanied by a handmade envelope with a receipt in all maintaining the logo and brand identity. After pitching my idea my tutor suggested an idea to finish the bag off and hide the stitching from the gathering with black ribbon and I feel it has worked really nicely and made the bag look professional and adding a bold outlining inside. Overall I and pleased with my final product and gained a lot of inspiration through my research improving my skills and allowing me to learn other aspects of fashion.If I were to improve I could have printed my logo or used some of my experiments from advertising and transferred them onto the bag suited a high street market level.

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