Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Last night I attended a WI meeting and of course your wondering your a bit young but actually it was very interesting. The concept of the discussion was about the HISTORY OF UNDERWEAR so I thought it would be helpful to encourage my designs to advertise my product. The ladies kept bringing up old fashioned underwear that they all remembered but of course I wouldn't have existed then. I learnt a lot about how underwear has changed throughout the years and the support for the bra has been made out of natural materials such as whale bone and other natural sources. There was a competition to encourage people to bring their old and contemporary styled lingerie so they could be judged so I took my product along for other people to admire. Obviously, I didn't win because it's not suited to their target market but I tried. WI meetings aren't as bad as you think if it benefits you and it's not just for old ladies.

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