Wednesday, 16 March 2011


The aim of this unit was to respond as a brand identity designer producing either packaging or an advertisement suiting the target market of what product we were given. We did many stages of research and experiments inspiring our designs for the product we were given making it send the right message and suit a specified customer. We then had to pitch our idea to a small group, as I would to my client trying to sell the product and finding different innovative ways to package the product so it would appeal to my target audience.

The first task of this unit was to research into a number of different brands ranging from food to clothing brands comparing and contrasting using the list that I had devised beforehand that would allow me to apply to critical thinking techniques. After doing my research I realised I had done too many brands but managed to get a diverse range of different brand identities making it easier for me to gain inspiration throughout the design development. I feel that I have managed to answer all these questions in my annotation explaining how media and materials were used and making this clear to get the pass criteria. After researching into the brands, I then had to recreate some of advertisements with various Medias such as: photo shop, collage and photographs. In this task I managed to collect a range of new skills and experiences I hadn’t yet attempted and believed I achieved a high standard in replicating the branded advert. If I were to do this task again I would use a range of aged models to recreate the adverts and research into less brands reducing the amount of time wasted.

In task 2 we had compare and contrast two different brands from my research and produce a 250 worded essay discussing their identities and messages. I found this task quite straight forward as I gathered a lot of researched on the websites, packaging, adverts and TV advert gaining a lot of knowledge on what the brand had to offer and what they represented. This made me learn more about the brand itself and helped me understand about what I would have to do to promote my brand identity for my product. Overall I feel that my essay discussed all the critical thinking questions and compared and contrast in depth about both of my chosen brands.

Task 3 was the most fun aspect of this brief allowing me to experiment with different materials and Medias seeing which colours, materials and techniques would work best to suit my specified target market. I extracted inspiration from Mulberry taking shapes and colours from the adverts and applying it to both 2d and 3 dimensionally structures seeing which size and shapes of bag or box I would like to base my design around. I also experimented with max factor and did numerous attempts using collage which overall worked out really well creating contrasting effects with the bright block colours layered on top of the deep black. This task helped me equip different skills to allow me to apply to my designs making it easier for me to challenge myself with my final design. This made me learn to really focus on things and take inspiration from props and settings used in the advert not just how its been laid out as it can create something innovative. I felt that I reached the aim of creating different messages changing the target market in each experiment seeing how they differed. Researching into the psychology of colour helped me gather a better understanding of what the colours would mean to gain the attention of the customer and relate to the intent of the product.

In task 4 we had to start designing but developing the designs so I chose to produce 4 packaging ideas for my product. I found this fairly easy as I had so much research to inspire me and I researched into bra advertising and packaging. First of all I experimented with bra advertising using my sister as the model and attempting to manipulate photographs using photo shop using the same colour scheme to see which one I would prefer doing. I sampled different font styles and background to see which one would suit the colour scheme and remain to promote the brand identity. I sampled different ways of which materials and medias I could use changing the function and style of packaging making it more advanced to suit a young and older target audience. I felt I experimented enough to really feel strongly about my final design as I was inspired by all my other designs to create the perfect packaging design that appeals to both young and older target audiences. If I were to improve on my packaging idea I would interpret my advertising experiments to suit a high street market making it appeal to wide range of people that could afford it. I felt I made it clear what product I was selling and designed it to appeal to me and I feel that it worked and would definitely be considered to suit my target market.

The final task was to pitch my idea to a small group and I felt that it went well and my peers gave me feedback to consider in the future and what I could do to improve my design. I made an inspiration board with visuals that could describe my character that I had made to make it clearer what my design had to do to sell the product. Overall I felt I described my work in depth and got my message across and related my product to the target market I was hoping for.

In conclusion I think this brief has made me consider other aspects of the fashion industry and made me experience skills I had never attempted before equipping me in future and making me more confident on using materials in and innovative way.

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