Sunday, 6 March 2011


After attempting recreating my advertisements with different medias of collage and photographs I had to master using photo shop to challenge myself and ability to produce a professional finish. I recreated the products and extracted logos and colour schemes from the original adverts to combine both elements of their work and my work.
Compared to the first attempt I think I have managed to improve the overall presentation of the font and graphics used in the advert. It took me a while to erase the back ground whilst copying the font from the web version of the advert but then I realised there was a tool to serve that purpose. I think I have managed to set the same message and suit it at a similar target audience with the bright colour scheme and bold font used in the advertisement.
All I did for this attempt was insert font as I extracted it from another advert to get the exact font style and size used to represent the brand. I erased the background so it would have my background behind it and I think it has worked out very well. Now all I need to do is use an older model to suit the specified target audience. I thought if I use a younger model it would create a message that children dress up in older clothes to appear more grown up.

This was a new attempt that I hadn't tried before because the only way that I could create it was to use photo shop. The first step was to photograph toothpaste boxes so I used Aquafresh but layered the Beverly hills formula logo on top to disguise the underneath. I used light shades of blue and white which are symbolic to toothpaste brands. I should have taken an image of the boxes angled in the same way as the boxes at the bottom of this attempt so if I were to try it again I would consider photographing it identical to the way they have in their adverts. The images at the bottom were taken from google and minimised and repeated using different flavours as they do in the original advert.I think this has be aimed at a similar target audience of an older consumer using calming colours and advance technical language on the packaging and engaging context interacting with the audience. In their advertisements they use methods of accumulation and repetition with the products used and use rhetorical question to allow the audience to respond.From the design of the packaging it suits a ready to wear/ couture market level as they have put a lot of thought into the wording and detailing of the shapes and patterns using scientific language competing with the other brands in the same industry.

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