Monday, 22 November 2010

Childhood Memories


Story telling... was the way children would fall to sleep. Dreaming about the unrealistic charaters. Hanzel&Gretel, Cinderella,Little Red riding hood and Sleeping Beauty. Little girl's imagined about the magical adventures shared in the novels. Influences of Little Red Riding Hood are in the concept of this photographer as he uses the basket, bed and hooded cape and thems the set red and brown to create an autumn season. Visionary designers such as: Lanvin and Galliano construct garments themed to this shoot in AMERICAN VOGUE.I like the colour scheme of dark red, browns and blacks and the styling and hair and make up to captivate the charatcers prsence and appearance.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


For my chosen couture board my design was inspired by Amelie Hegardt's illustration combined with a pose featured in one of Mark Schwarz's illustrations. This influenced me as I recreated it so it looked like she was eating the shoes as if they were sensational and expensive. The small amount of colours and vast amoutn of negative space made it look effective and allow the shoes to stand out clearly.I can see aspects of Stina Perrson's illustrations of fineliner outlines and child-like scribbles and energetic brush marks and fine lines. It suits a couture market due to the limitation of colour and neat presentation. I like the bleeding and stippling techniques used to spread and overlay the paints so I decided to interpret this effect into my design.

Outburst Of Colour

I have been inspired by Mark Schwarz's illustrations after researching in depth of shoe illustrators. His illustration's overlap with different media of ink and watercolour and acrylic. I manipulated his design to a high street market and alternated the angles and rotation of the shoes but kept the bleeding and dripping effect of the wet paint intact.
The mood of his illustrations release fun and excitement with his quick fine sketch marks and bold outlines and block colours. His work has a professional outcome but is illustrated to suit a younger target audience. His designs mantain the same consistency of media and all have qualities that are similar but recreated into a different shape or motion. He uses bright block colours all contrasting with a outline of black to make them stand out and dramatise the illustration.