Sunday, 27 March 2011


There are many ways in which you can apply the design cycle with the student; couture and high street way. The student design cycle consists of elements such as: Brief; Break down brief; Research; Sample; Designing; Evaluating; Toile; Shop for fabric; Manufacture plan;Make in final fabric; Present to customer and Evaluate. These are all the stages in which you apply to making a garment if your a student.
The second design cycle is appropriate for a Couture brand using fewer steps than the first design cycle but using the same methods just reducing the amount of time and effort in producing the same product.
The third design cycle is used by High street companies using the same steps as the first two design cycles encountering more staff into the equation making more time and pressure getting the clothes produced on time and seeing what the latest trends are on the street.I find that using the design cycle it organises the way you think and how you produce your final garment and if you logically apply the design cycle to your garment it will show through the work you produce.

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