Monday, 27 September 2010

Weird & Wonderful

Bone shoes influenced by graphic cotumes in the television series.
Ripped and teared edges with dotted prints.

During the reasearch into my chosen topic of hip hop in 1990s I came across Jeremy Scott which designed for adidas and incorparated his unconventional looks and mickey mouse icons and made them his trademark to his own label.

He famously designed lady gaga's all in one piece in "paparazzi" with the mcikey mouse print and Rihanna's mickey mouse helmet in "Hard" video.He changed the structure and colour schemes of adidas hi-tops creating additional characteristics of angel wings and bigger ankle flaps.

He has been influential for the pritned tishirt of " I LOVE NY" where it has been adopted by all cultures edited the city like PARIS and LONDON.

Personally I think he would have been influenced by Andy Warhol's pop art version of disney themed mickey mouse and altered the size and shape. Also surrealism as he uses similar movements and prints as schiaparrelli.

Childish themes were the main focus of his work with the flintstones to disney characters. He has worked such large scale through the industry that his name relates to anything within the fashion world.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Do you think children should grow up this quickly?

Liane - 8 Years Old
Chloe - 11 Years Old

What would you expect for a child to be when they are older?
Not for these children. They would rather dress inappropiately creating an unsuitable image and figure for a little young girl or boy... What do you think this cause is?
Baby beauty queens a programme documented on the bbc has targetted stories of similar influences.... they all want to be models.
Ranging from 5-16 years of age they're checklist for preparing for a catwalk would consist of:
Spray tan; manicure;pedicure;hair-cut,curled,coloured and make up done to perfection. What makes them rebel to being equal to other school children.
In my opinion I think the mothers live their dreams through they're daughters/sons as it is easier to manipulate and convince that it will change their lifestyle.They look ridiculous similar features as a barbie doll equipped with shiny skin and fake eyelashes.
How did i grow up with a normal lifestyle and they didn't?
Do you agree with young minors equitted with: confidence;older appearance; bias opinions?
It's always your choice!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Reality of Robert Gober

Distorted figures of limbs plastered securely into a basic white canvas wall.

Family history inspiration of child- like features to masculinity.
Combination of domestic products with visual art.
There is no conclusion to his work as the mystery submitter doesn't have a face or identity similar to boltanski's work.
With a realistic quality the materials he uses are the same as a china doll but changes the charateristics shown.
Religous and political views and opinions are displayed in his work for the jesus cross and candles.

Lost & Found


Would you like to be remembered in the way Christian Boltanski displayed his victims?
Death; Memory;Loss;Disappearance all inspired his work ethic.
Anonymous Identity of all Age; Gender; Race;Sexuality.
Giving us all the equality and diversity we are entitled to.
Reminder of all connection and links relating both innocent to guilty.
What does his work represent?
In my opinion...
Timeline of events and stages of growing and what could possibly happen?
We... don't know what the link is but he is the only one it is important to.
Think of all the possibilities.. they're endless...

Friday, 17 September 2010

How would you dress you mannequin?

CIRCLES. SQUARES. TRIANGLES. All shapes constructed onto a mannequin... Throughout a perod of two days at college we had to recreate a garment only using one specific shape whether it was : 3 dimensional, overlapped, spacious the piece had to be made out of paper.Top to bottom had to be covered How would you start planning it? Nobody knew eachother and we were split into groups of 3.
: Sets of ideas
Different opinions
Minutes much faster.
From the front it show the overlapping technique of circular shapes and volumised shoulders to create dramatic contrast accompanied with the interlinking circular links arounf the waist and hips and tulip shapes around the neckline to create a v neck style.
OLYMPICS 2012 inspiration of the holes and gaps of overlapped circles and trianguler shapes meeting at a mid point on the lower back.
Second time around: Alienised construction in WHITE...

Square shape but altered to appear traingular... Folded squares up in quadrants to create a small traingleand reapeated the same pattern and create different angle and direction with the shoulders and hips to exenctuate the silhouette. Ranging in size we had the same small traingles going in a triangle on the back

Compared to the first attempt it is much neater and less busy and complex and looks a bit more planned.