Sunday, 20 March 2011


On Thursday we handed in our last unit and yet again began to start a new brief. This brief is based on designing for the college fashion show with the concept of equality & diversity, which is right up my street! We did a introductory task where we had a little go to apply shapes from an image to a blank model, so I chose the circular shape and accumulated the shape all the way down the arm ranging in size and angle of the shape. It's surprising what you can do in about 2 minutes! This exercise helped me to realise that you didn't have to design so obviously and the shapes in the final outcome didn't have to make the image but sections of it still resembled the theme.I feel confident with this brief as I think the theme we have been given can allow me to think outside the box and produce something interesting to go down the catwalk.

This was the shape I was given...
This is how I applied it to the body.

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