Tuesday, 30 August 2011


As I have been busy creating all these designs I now don't know what to do with them which is a shame but it's good to reflect how much I have accomplished since I got back from Maidstone and kept myself busy for the last week making these creations. Have any idea on what to do with them guys?


I have been putting off these patterns for a while now and actually stepped back and read through them and have successfully completed a garment that was planned by someone else. I broke the steps down and finally understood the diagrams and what they were trying to explain. I didn't think this colour would look nice but I'm surprised that it has turned out so well.

21st ...

Last weekend I celebrated my brother's 21st birthday party with the family sharing the company with both halves of the big family we are part of. These photos capture the moment where he had to cut the cake even though he is getting on in age he still had minature footballers on his cake!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Believe it or not but this dress used to be a scarf that I have transformed into a dress, just because I hated the light weight of it as a scarf and thought it would be ideal for a summer top. The embroidery is really nice even thought the colour is quite rare and unusual but I think it works better like this than a scarf.


As usual I found some fabric and made this dress I like the colours and sewed the fabrics together. Through deliberation of choosing the straps of pleating and knitting I didn't choose either instead I folded the strap over and sewed some lace on it which defined the strap more and went well with the rest of the composition. I feel like this is quite simple but like the simplicity of it. Verdicts, what are your opinions?


I bought a magazine last week when I got carried away with patterns and thought it was good that it was free and then I found out it wanted me to photocopy the facing and collar, so I made my own. I followed the dress pattern but made my own collar because I don't think many photocopiers in the whole of the UK blow up to 200% do they? I used some fabric that was 60p and so scrap fabric to make the collar and it worked out quite nicely even if the fabrics clash a bit. What do you think about it?



I can't tell you how much fun I had wrapping my feet and hands in plastic bags and and dip dyeing the clothes in a terracotta brown coloured dye. I made a bodice in advance and dyed some trousers and loose fabric in idea of draping with it. Some attempts turned out better than others and I decided to make a jumpsuit out of it but I have a question whether to shorten the leg or keep it long?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Another accomplishment of today was that I made a skirt with a weird fabric I had bought for 60p and elastic and am glad how it has turned out fitting me which is always a bonus. I still need to hem it but I should be able to get to that at some point. I then display a knitted top with straps with it to see if it works and it does so it is possible to wear so you might find me wearing it. Verdicts...?


I was in an experimental mood so decided to create a top of some sort with one sleeve and one without. It looks crazy but as it started to develop into something I actually started to like it. This material was the same used from my hoody as I thought I would have a go at making it into something rather than just packed away in a cupboard. What do you think?

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Knitted pieces, sewing machine = a knitted head band kindly modelled by my little sister. I thought this would be a productive thing to create even though it is quick and easy as long as you have the knitted pieces already done. Do you think you could manage it, knitters out there , why not have a go?


I had an urge to create something similar to what I have created at Reem using scraps of fabric and collaborating it with gathered fabric to create an actual garment. The colour scheme was darker than I have done originally but I still like it using a v neck line. It started with scrunching up fabric and pinning it on the mannequin to then sew it all together and make something out of it. It looks messy but I like that about it, what are your verdicts, nice, not so nice ?