Sunday, 27 February 2011


For my research I have been looking at contemporary brand identities and thought I would research into a historical brand to see how much their brand identity has developed throughout the eras.The Missoni style is always determined by colour and it usually the main focus of the advertising as it provides happiness and elegance.Often the brand suits a ready to wear/ couture market level but in previous years it has been available to high street consumers suiting a sport related lifestyle.The brand is suited to a sophisticated and older target audience as the patterns are old fashioned and reflect a vintage style. The company was founded in 1953 but has never changed their appeal in clothing to suit a contemporary audience as the designers have kept the patterns and concepts consistent and that's what makes the brand so unique! However, the advertising has changed using a variety of methods to suit different target audiences still maintaining a historical feel and look. The distinctive pattern which we know the brand by is either multi coloured stripes or zig zags that merge contrasting and complementary colours together. The first stripes that were created by Missoni were manufactured by machines that were originally used for making tracksuits and it was only programmed to produce stripes in solid colours or stripes. Recently the brand has expanded to producing packaging and accessories to high street brands allowing different target audience to buy into the brand and get a taste of the lifestyle that Missoni offers.

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