Sunday, 6 February 2011


After the development process of my choosing my design I came to a final decision to use different sections that I liked from each design and assembled it in a way that would promote the YKK zip and look effective.In this design it features a zip manipulation of cut up , layered zips aligned on the edge of the armscye. I also introduced the Suffolk Puff technique next to the zips contrasting shapes from straight to curved. Allocated on the shoulder I will insert ruffled cone which will have beading sewn in incorporating another technique into my design. Applique will also feature on this design central of the accessory to balance either side and gain attention to the centre of the accessory. On this design it doesn't show the addition of the reverse appliques zips hidden underneath the fabric which I inserted in later stages of the process because I decided that there was a lot of negative space so I wanted to hide as much as I could. I feel strongly about this design and I think it should work our well to the standard that I am expecting.

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