Sunday, 6 February 2011


First of all I traced off the inner circle of my masking tape and cut out loads of them and folded them into quarters and stitched down one side to secure the opening.I repeated this process and stitched them in three's and four's in white and cream calico all along the curve of the cone. I created the larger cones by cutting them from the neckline whilst cutting out my pattern for the final accessory. Then I stitched along the curved to secure all the individual ruffles.Furthermore, I decided that one of my other techniques was going to be beading so I hand stitched along the edge of the right angle of the cone in alternate colours of cream and white the colours featured on the ruffles keeping the colour scheme consistent.In my opinion I think I have been able to create a nice finish to the cone and highlighted the feature to make it stand out.

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  1. Dear you have an artistic blog, with more about fashion than many nother famous blog! WOW... I'm fascinating with you and for sure I follow you in bloglovin'! I want see all posts you have here!

    Cris. (I'd ble glad in receiving you in my blog, I love to write, but it's all in portoghese. Please, don't need to follow me if you don't like, ok?)