Sunday, 27 February 2011


We collect and get given packaging everyday for to make our purchases appeal and stand out to us. Whether it's your local cafe on the corner or a worldwide branded coffee company they all make the effort and compete to impress the customers by the detail of the packaging. What's the difference? Well all women appeal to detail and cute pretty things and they know the difference between printed gift wrapping, scented paper and ribbon and just a plain plastic bag, the winner is easily decided! We all fall for it though, don't we? I have been gathering a selection of different bags and packaging from different high street shops using different medias to recreate and sample but to use as evidence to be able to get ideas from for my designing process. I have tried to recreate the nets of this packaging and drafted patterns to make use of whilst designing but have adapted to make it more innovative. How many people throw away fliers and leaflets? We all do it! In this case they came in good use to place in my sketchbook and provide inspiration for future design extracting the colour scheme, shapes and ideas. It's not much harm to actually read what the brand is about is it?

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