Thursday, 17 February 2011


TUESDAY.. The day started with my gathering strip wanting to work against me as I used Calico and the thread kept on snapping.So.. I fell behind and ended up finally creating a gathered strip.
The next problem was then my hoody. But it wasn't just the hoody the machine decided it didn't want to work and I had to un pick button holes which if you know they are an absolute nightmare.
Finally I unpicked them all and my hoody has recovered but what a stressful time it was!
Just to top off the day though the vending machine ate my money and didn't want to give me a drink so I complained and left a note for the dinner lady and guess what on the way out checked if it would give me my money back and a Diet coca Cola bottle popped out. JUST MY LUCK!
I was running late for the bus and I bet you think that I missed my bus but fortunately I got on and didn't get left behind.

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