Sunday, 6 February 2011


First of all I cut up all the zips to the same length and made sure that the zips I chose would be within my colour scheme and work well with the YKK zip I was given.I aligned them all down the edge of the armscye until they reached half way down the accessory all layered equally distant from the next zip along. I panicked first of all incorporating this metal zip inti my design because the metal wouldn't get on too well with the machine but I managed to work my way round this problem by taking my time and sewing it in securely and safely.
This is what it looked like on either side as I levelled one side up with the other making sure the zips were positioned in the same spaces to make both sides equal to make the final accessory symmetrical.I sampled this during the experimentation with manipulating zips and I think it worked out better in a larger scale allowing the dominant feature of the black YKK zip to stand out from the paler colours.

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