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In the criteria for the unit VISUAL COMMUNICATION THROUGH ART & DESIGN it states that we must write a 250 word written piece comparing and contrasting two brands within the fashion industry. I changed my decision so many times because there are so many different brands with contrasting brand identities that I could have chosen but the target audiences for both these brands were opposites but they shared similar aspects with in advertising.

Obviously being me I couldn't keep to the limit of 250 words and went over by a a lot but I managed to get everything in that I wanted
to.I don't think anybody takes count of the words they use, do they?

Do we all aspire to live the lifestyle of a rock star?

The two brands I am going to compare and contrast in this essay are Viktor& Rolf and Adidas developing my knowledge on all elements of advertising and how these brand display and advertise their brand identity. I will look at the target audience, colours scheme, method of advertising they use, USP of their product, message behind the advertisement and mood in which is created in the advertisement.








Both these brands have similarities as they share the same area of fashion of constructing garments so their brands appeal to all audiences but it depends on whether people just admire their products or can actually afford them. They both use innovative styles and themes throughout their advertising experimenting with aiming their brand at different target audiences depending on the trend analysis. Furthermore, they both have an affordable label that can be purchased by any target audience or lifestyle. Moreover, they promote their brands through the catwalk to allow the audience to preview their products in a conceptual manner. The difference between the way they present their garment son the runway is that Adidas accompanies other brands to complete the collection whereas, Viktor & Rolf have a fashion show based on just their brand identity. Adidas don’t host a catwalk for just their clothes because their target audience isn’t usually aimed at such a high level but has extended their brand identity to be better known throughout different market levels throughout the industry.

Viktor & Rolf is suited to a Couture/ Ready to wear market level and aimed at an older target audience evidently shown by the innovative advertising and exquisite tailoring used to construct their garments. The colour scheme used in Viktor & Rolf is a variation of different shades and tones from a neutral colour palette. The light pink provides the meaning of love and romance and white symbolises purity creating an impression that the product is expensive and one of a kind. This provides innocence to the brand identity suited to a feminine woman. Using the method of comparative juxtaposition the brand advertises with contrasting colour of white and black providing power and authority to the garment sending a message to the audience that women are just as equal as men in strength. The website is structured maintaining continuity of these colours targeting a specific target audience and lifestyle. The USP of this brand is the investment of a quality product and the personalised packaging and innovative ideas of boxes and bags allowing the audience to feel like they have experienced the lifestyle in which Viktor & Rolf have to offer. Similarly on the website and their presence on the runway they tell a story and create an adventure for the audience to experience online but also up close giving the audience an insight of their visionary. Both perfumes Flower Bomb and Eau Mega have separate target audiences with Flower Bomb suited to a relaxed and a natural lifestyle creating a soft and happy mood through the natural form of the model without any props or clothing creating an impression that the essence and aroma is extracted from a rural surrounding. Whereas, Eau Mega uses the method of exaggeration in the advert to enlarge the model making her look as if she is high in authority as the image is enhanced suited to a more mature sophisticated lifestyle creating a calm and relaxing mood and atmosphere. All of their perfume adverts are popularly used in fashion magazines and they use the same advert of both these perfumes and haven’t developed on the perfumes to release different editions like the high street do creating an impression that they don’t need to as people buy into the brand.

In comparison Adidas is aimed at a younger target audience and a High street market level using a bright intense colour scheme to allow the products to stand out in Vogue and Elle magazine as it will contrast to all the couture and Ready to wear brands. The continuity of blue and white features in Adidas’s packaging or garment ideas. Blue signifies restful and calm complementing the meaning behind white which is purity both supplying the brand identity with an optimistic image. Adidas is used to sponsor sports events and matches but in return it advertises the brand suited to a sporty lifestyle. Compared to Viktor & Rolf’s website there is a lot more information and the web design is standard and suited to an audience of any age. Whereas, the website for Viktor & Rolf is customised to the brand identity with specific shapes and navigationally formatted in an innovative way with minimal content but more visual information. Adidas has advertised their brand identity through many different methods of: Accumulation; comedy and celebrity endorsements giving the audience an impression that they can live within a different lifestyle whilst wearing their brand. The inspiration for the advertising if often a lifestyle of partying or sport conveying a happy and exciting mood and atmosphere making the brand’s products something positive to invest in. Similar to Viktor & Rolf they share the same USP of buying into the brand to fit in with a lifestyle as Viktor and Rolf exposes authority and confidence whereas Adidas reveals a fun and joyful lifestyle because of the facial expressions shown in the advertisements. The packaging of Adidas uses the blue and white colour scheme and prints their logo on all additional packaging of swing tags and bags. Similar to Adidas Viktor & Rolf uses the same packaging methods but structures an innovative packing idea to suit each target audience.

In conclusion both of these brands are successful at advertising and both create an impact and start trends appealing to different target audiences. They both share the same quality in packaging as they aim their products at a higher target market and have to present their products in a creative way. Both brands present their brand in an eye catching way on billboards and magazines but Viktor & Rolf’s advertising is less common as their brand identity is usually advertised in different ways to Adidas. The brand most suited to me is Adidas because of the price and the availability of it even though I admire Viktor & Rolf’s clothes and products it is impossible for me to own any of their clothes or perfumes. In my opinion many people would save or have an option to spend a lot of money on Viktor & Rolf’s brand identity but I think Adidas will continue to become more popular as it has expanded into a worldwide brand and can be available and affordable to anybody of any age or gender. What do you think?

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