Tuesday, 1 February 2011



I thought I would be good and do a bit of independent work and sample my design in quarter scales so I drafted a pattern of a circular shape with a smaller circle inside cut on the fold. I then extracted design 3 and design 7 and replicated the shapes in a smaller scale to see if the colour scheme and the techniques went well together.

Design 7
The techniques used within this design is Suffolk puffs, applique and reverse applique. Obviously I haven't sampled the whole design just a few techniques to get an idea as I have found it difficult to choose what design to create.
Design 3
This design was more simplistic with pom pom and and an open ended zip allocated on the fold in the front with reverse applique and applique techniques. I like both of the outcomes of both samples and might merge the techniques together and see what the outcome look like in future sampling.The shape of this coat inspired all these designs.
I might sample more of my designs so then I believe strongly in one and see what techniques I could attempt and give a positive outcome.
I'll keep you posted on my progress in this unit

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