Sunday, 6 February 2011


The first stage of inserting the reverse applique was sewing the zips by overlapping them and stitching down the tape onto a piece of separate fabric the same as the lining then I opened the bottom zip and inserted knitted wool suited to my colour scheme and stitched it down one side so it was securely in place. Then I positioned the reverse applique in a suitable space on the front bodice trying to keep them even on both sides.The next thing was to top stitch around the rectangle and rip the space inside to reveal the zips underneath. To make it reverse applique I would have to zig zag stitch around the running stitch but I like how it looks without so I've decided to leave it how it is in the image. I had a problem whilst attaching them to the final accessory as I didn't stitch them at the same level but diagonally parallel which I preferred in the end.

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