Saturday, 26 February 2011


What makes us want to buy into a brand? How are we inspired to purchase something that we don't desperately need but just like the look of? Easy answer is that we are surrounded by brands: logos; packaging; billboards consecutively reminding us how our lives can change for the better if we buy their products. Reflections in front, behind and at the side of you as you stare at a window display spotting a new shop to visit by the bags they are holding but the problem is you don't know where the shop is! Why are people so happy to carry around a Chanel bag but ashamed to be seen supporting Primark.
What's the difference?
They both sell clothes, that's the important thing but people are too proud nowadays and believe they have to fit into a lifestyle of a celebrity.I've been through the stage of buying something cheap at a shop just to get the bag and grown out of it, but to be honest we all experience desperation at a point in our lives but what makes us?
I like the fact that I can't afford such expensive garments because it allows me to appreciate fashion as I know it and what is available to me. Remember we are all WALKING ADVERTISEMENTS...

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