Saturday, 30 April 2011


Well you know I have been attempting to do Japanese pattern cutting I started a new task of creating a skirt with a hole in it. It sounds outrageous I know but it doesn't seem as tricky as it sounds.
If you want to try this at home, right down a few notes and get started.
1. Create a cylinder with paper and divide it up into 5 sections.
Slash down the sections to create 5 different pattern pieces.
2. Cut them out of calico and sew altogether with 1cm
seam allowance making sure the notches match and the patterns fit from top to bottom.
3. Press all the seams open.
4. Create skirt block and pattern using slash and spread method spreading by 13cm between each slashed piece.
5. Sew side seams together imagining a zip is in one and fold over by 1cm where the zip would go.
6. Pin on mannequin to show exact fullness and volume and cut off any fabric to gain a severe slant.
7. Cut a hole where you want it on the skirt but make sure it doesn't look too ugly.
8. Place the cylinder you made before through the hole making sure the hole isn't too tight but just gives enough room for you to pin it on the outside of the hole.

9. Make sure you pin it flat to make the measurements more precise.
10. Draw design lines and then slash down them to create more pieces of fabric to then trace off and add 1cm seam allowance and notches to then match them together.
11. Cut out pieces in final fabric and sew in the zip in between the two largest pieces ending at the first notch.
12. Sew all pieces together using 1cm seam allowance and pressing the seam open.
13. Create a waist facing and sew it inside the skirt and press the facing.

If you break it down like this you will find it easy, if I can do it I'm sure anyone can!

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  1. Wow... I'm loving your blog and your ideas! I'm happy meeting you in IFB!