Friday, 22 April 2011


If you have viewed my blog recently I have been researching illustrators and have come across a unique illustrator called Jackie Bos which uses collage to display her innovative ideas. I find this technique interesting because it is the style in which I find the most suitable for me and I think it works well with my concept and the way I bring my chosen theme to life. I have attempted a few of my design in the style of her work sing my colour palette to capture the right mood and sense of working class.
The first attempt was to defy design 8 in her artistic format using different browns and reds cutting the shapes and layering the same shape. I think this attempt worked really nice with the different scales in which the body parts and the design itself and how it contrasted and brought the
design to life in a world of it's own creating my own mythological character.
Attempt two was more discreet of what you would see if it was aimed at a couture audience clarifying design 9 in a methodical format keeping it simple and plain using the black colour scheme. I think it worked well but it didn't quite reflect my chosen theme that well.
The final attempt was a successful attempt using different ways of creating the mood and atmosphere of the working class. The colour scheme of browns and reds worked in attempt one so I maintained that but changed the design to design 7 using different shapes showing diversity. I think this worked the best creating a different outlook on my design and seeing it in a totally different context.
I think the way in which Jackie Bos works is unique in it's own taking yourself out of the equation and truly focusing on your design. I would definitely consider using this method in my design boards because I believe it could really bring my design to life and relate to my chosen concept. If you like her work and have a secret passion of designing try this technique it's fun and works for any theme that inspires you. Try it!


  1. all the pictures of your sketchbook work looks sooo good! xx

  2. second photos, she is like wearing bubble dress


  3. oooo I love it! its a great way to express your ideas and visions!

  4. Great post :) really interesting work, keep it up!
    ~ Lorna

  5. beautiful collages!!!
    you are inspiring :DD
    caramellitsa from