Saturday, 30 April 2011


INDIVIDUAL CIRCLES PINNED TO THE MANNEQUIN - This technique was a guide to see how I would gain the effect used in the Vogue image. This is a nice technique but doesn't exceed the volume I want.The main feature was the gaps in between the circles but I will have to try different methods and find the technique with most fullness and volume.

OVERLAPPED CIRCLES - For this technique I tried to gain more volume by overlapping the circles which worked nicely but it wasn't as severe as I imagined. This technique looks more professional and is closer to what my end result should look like.

HAND SEWN CIRCLES ON THE MANNEQUIN - This technique was what I was imagining with the excessive volume and holes acting as the main feature. If I were to attempt this again I would try different sized circles and make the circles neater so they provide a nicer finish.

I will continue to experiment with different sized circles and pinning it in different ways so I get the best shape possible. Out of all these attempt the last attempt was the closest to what I want my final outcome to look like so I will make sure from now the experimentation is expanding on similar techniques of the last attempt.

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