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For task 3 on the previous brief I have to collect a selection of fabric samples within my colour scheme so I can choose what fabrics I want to use for my final outcome. I have emailed, applied and collected myself fabrics I think are appropriate for my fabric selection even if they are not in my colour scheme I have collected them for the properties of the fabric and texture. I even went to a lot of effort and applied to a German company taking different cultural influences that would relate to working class stylistic qualities in the fabric.

All the information is situated on the page of my sketchpad but in case you can't see it clearly.
1. 50% Polyester, 50% Poly acrylic, Width:140cm and £10.04 a metre.
2. 100% Acrylic, Width:150cm and £10.88 a metre
3. 100& Polyester, Width:140cm and £8.37 a metre.
4. 100% Cotton, Width:155cm and £10.04 a metre.
5. 100& Cotton, Width:154cm and £12.55 a metre.
I think all these colours blend in with my theme and inflict the same purpose of displaying a working class environment. Out of all these fabrics I prefer the Journey Collage one( number 5) as it is artistic with different shades of brown creating an eerie feel and atmosphere making it appear messy and dirty portraying a working class surrounding. I like the fact I chose qui
lting to refer t homeless people compensating their need to feel warm by comforting themselves in spare fabric taking a bit of their home with them. Number 3 looks has slippery properties so could be quite challenging to sew and fold and assemble in the constructive manner that describes my designs. I think the prices are all reasonable but I would have to be definite on which fabrics I wanted before purchasing avoiding a loss of money.CURTAIN SHACK
From this company I collected a few lighter samples of curtain fabric because I think it will suit the structure of my garment keeping it secure and intact.
1. Geneva Almond- Width:140cm and £10.75 a metre.
2. Riga Corn - Width: 140cm and £27.75 a metre.
3. Linara Cork - Width:140cm and £27.75 a metre.
I think these sample are reliable colours and textures and I wanted something complex and printed with a pattern allowing it to make a bigger statement. I think the prices are rather expensive for what restrict
ed choice you get but obviously it's better quality so I don't blame their prices and it suit a different purpose other than constructing garments as it's usually used for curtain making.
This company sent me 6 samples that weren't all in my colour scheme but I displayed them in my sketchpad anyway to use for evidence and textural uses. They provided the fabric content and price which was nice and thoughtful.
1. Netting, Width: 140cm and £1.50 a metre.
2. 100% Cotton , Width: 150cm and £15.00 a metre.
3. 100% Polyester, Width:150cm and £19.00 a metre.
4. 100% Polyester, Width: 112cm and £22.95 a metre.
5. 100% Polyester, Width: 112cm and £14.95 a metre.
6. 100% Denim, Width: 150cm and £19.00 a metre.
I probably wouldn't use any of these colours as they don't fit in with my chosen colour scheme but I would definitely use some of the fabrics but select a different colour.

The same as Berwick Street Cloth shop they send me samples attached to a piece of card but another selection of different colours.
1. 100% Silk, Width: 150cm and £64.85 a metre.
100% Silk, Width: 150cm and £64.85 a metre.
3. 100% Silk, Width: 140cm and £51.02 a metre.
4. Silk and Cotton Mix, Width:140cm and £21.28 a metre.
5. 100% Polyester, Width: 140cm and £12.72 a metre.
6. 100% Acetate, Width: 150cm and £ 23.40 a metre.
These prices are rather on the high end and would be ideal if I were to create a one off, couture garment but what do you expect it's London prices; it must be good quality.
It's evident that these companies are happy to sent samples and I have received many different sorts of sofa, curtain and dress fabric that I will surely keep getting in the post and I will keep you updated on which fabrics are next to be delivered to my home.

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