Thursday, 28 April 2011


The other day I managed to get all my different units improved so I went ahead and started the sampling and Toile diary task for this current brief.I tried out 5 different methods on how to construct my skirt to get a better idea of how I would managed to create it and came across some problems that I now know how to solve.

1. To begin with I had to experiment with different methods t
o construct the shape of my skirt. I wanted to use the top stitching as the main feature. I think this was successful but the raw edges looked unprofessional So I would have to sort them out for this technique to work out.
2. Instead of using the top stitch as the main feature I used a seam but it caused an uneven hemline so I had to problem solve the raw edges in order for it to work out.
3. PROBLEM SOLVING - This is how I solved the problem by bagging it out and securing the raw edges. This method worked really well making the finish professional.
4. Two layers of Wodding - This was very fiddly to do but with a larger scale garment it would be more approachable and provide my skirt with additional volume more than if I were to use one layer.
5. I used both the seam and topstitch as the main features but it was unsuccessful because there were still raw edges and a lot of volume was lost through the bagging out process.
Overall out of all these attempts I think attempt 3 and 4 worked the best but I struggled with sample 4 in small scale but if it was enlarged I think the double thickness could work really well and hold my structure better.

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