Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Remember the Hoody that I created the other month, well, we have decided to try something new in the form of Japanese pattern construction producing a dress with flare and volume.Totally to a Hoody I know, but it has allowed me to improve my sewing skills and gain confidence and knowledge of where to insert things.( As I have a little problem with that)
This process took only a few weeks to achieve by:
1.Create a normal standard dress.
2.Mark off on a mannequin where the cut out sections will feature of any design of your choice.
3.Cut along the lines separating all the pieces and fold
over 0.5cm to make the pieces flat.
4.Slash three times into the curved areas of the pattern piece directing it at an angle.
5.Trace off onto a different fabric the patterns you have cut out and add 1cm
seam allowance.
6. Gather along the head to meet the measurement of the piece it was cut out of.
6.Insert them into the gaps sewing a 1cm seam allowance securing the curved head into the correct shapes gap. For this you have to notch all around the curve and ease both different fabrics in.
7. Create the neck facing including the length of the bodice..Press.
8. Hem the bottom 1cm with a invisible tasking stitch.
9. Create arm facing. Press.
After all the hard work we had to accompany a photographer that took some really strong professional photos but one thing let me down - THREADS. It was my fault but that;s why we have the beautiful invention of PHOTO SHOP to help us out in a crisis like this.
From this project I have managed to equip myself with advanced skills to proceed to my final design for the dress that will be in the Fashion Show. I have enjoyed this project and even though my experiement wasn't the best it was good enough for my standards.

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  1. You make it look so easy! I wish i could sew!