Tuesday, 26 April 2011


As you know I have been collecting fabric sample and yet again I have had a few delivered in the post ( now I'm starting to begin a fabric range and it's starting to take over my household.)

I managed to receive 5 samples from this company supplying me with a range of patterned and basic materials. To be honest I don't think these materials are what I would consider for colour and pattern use but I would use them as a guide of what thickness I want to use for t
he skirt of my garment.
1. 64% Cotton, 36% Polyester, Width:140cm and £3.00 a m
64% Cotton, 36% Polyester, Width:140cm and £3.00 a metre.
3. 100% Polyester, Width:140cm and £3.00 a metre.
4. 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, Width:140cm and £3.00 a metre.
5. 48% Polyester, 48% Acrylic, 4% Viscose, Width:137cm and £3.00 a metre.
These are very cheap prices for such a thick fabric so it wouldn't fit in with my target market but I could use them as a guide to get a similar fabric which has better quality if I were to use this type of thickness.

I didn't get a lot from this company but what I did receive was very interesting sending me wallpaper textures using different natural substances all entwined within each other.The only price I got was for the fabric which was : 100% Cotton, Width: 137cm and £ 27.00 a met
re. I think this fabric could be considered to be used for my bottom half of the dress as it with hold the structure of the shell. The price is expensive but fits in with the couture market level and is ideal for the quality of the fabric.THE FENT SHOP
I found loads of different fabrics that were in my colour scheme and obtained a nice repetitive pattern that would relate to my chosen theme. I think the prices in this shop are reasonable and I think the fabrics will be successful in the construction of my garment because they are thick and hold a better shape.
1. 100% Cotton, Width: 112cm and £7.80 a metre.
2. 100% Cotton, Width: 140cm and £7.00 a metre.
100% Cotton, Width: 112cm and £4.60 a metre.
4. 100% Polyester,Width:112cm and £1.72 a metre.
5. 100% Georgette, Width:112cm and £3.24 a metre.
6. Polyester, Wool, Lycra Mix, Width:150cm and £5.40 a
I think all these colours work well together but I would combine either 1,2 and 3 or 4,5 and 6 together just to allow them to blen
d in more discreetly.

I managed to fit in a little visit to this shop in my spare time and collected loads of suitable fabrics that would give my dress a reason to look at. Similar to the fent shop this brand provides a lot of different materials all suitable for the skirt section of my dress as I chose the solidified fabrics to give me a better idea on what thickness I would need.
1. Chenille Green, Width:150cm and £4.28 a metre.
2. Hessian, Width:150cm and £2.15 a metre.
3. 100% Polyester, Width:150cm an £2.50 a metre.
4. 100% Viscose, Width: 140cm and £11.15
5. Tulle Netting, Width:110cm and £1.34 a metre.
6. 100% Polyester, Width:150cm and £2.50 a metre.
7. 100% Cotton, Width: 110cm and £7.85 a metre.
I think all these prices are reasonable and fit in with my target market and are locally supplied so I don't have to pay additional postage charge or tax on my material. I think all these materials work well together and I think they could really bring my garment to life and promote my chosen theme.

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