Tuesday, 19 April 2011


During the research period of this brief I have managed to stumble across quite a few appropriate illustrators that link in with my chosen theme of working class. Carlos Aponte's work is create by using the media of tape on board free drawing the shapes to envisage a designer's collection working to promote brands such as: Christian Dior and Paul Smith displaying their flamboyant visionaries. I attempted his technique using similar materials such as PVC Electrical tape inverting the colour scheme of his to black on white paper making the design stand out clearly. The first attempt was of design 6 outlining half of the dress making it more abstract using an empowering colour but simplistic textural influences.

This attempt was a larger scale of design 3 and I didn't like the brown background because it didn't obtain the sharp contrast I wanted unlike the bottom attempt which was really successful and I think it turned out the best so I am pleased with my final result and would consider using this style on either my illustration or design board.

Another attempt was made by using design 2 as the muse highlighting the outline of the shape with tape and emphasising the texture and material by the accumulation layering and folding over to create creases. I think attempt worked really well and enough though it was a rough drawing turned out to appear professional.

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  1. love last picture... its couture

    i following you by the way, mind for follback ;D