Sunday, 3 April 2011


All these shape developments have been inspired by the concept of "RACE" taking elements of different cultures and religions through the theme of Race.
I came across some research that included a photo shoot that featured on "America's Next Top Model" representing different races using the stylistic qualities of their cultural garments and the skin and h
air colour that best represents the people that live within that country. I applied shape development to a model using a style featured in one of the images with a halter neck appropriate for hotter climates using masking tape to outline the design of the dress. If I were to add to it I would allow the dress to obtain warm colours relating to the weather conditions in hotter countries coherently displaying my chosen theme.The next experiment I did taken from a Marni garment taking the stripes, colours and textures shared in the image. I collected a variation of fabrics and layered them using gathering, masking tape and stitching practising construction methods on which I would apply to my final garment. I really like this attempt because it represents this theme very well showing a poor wealth but strong spiritual influence.

In this shape development design I used research from Richard Avedon taking the influence of Muslim religion by taking shapes from one of the garments they choose to wear. First of all I sketched the image
in Biro on fabric to gain an insight of the shape before I manipulated it. Then I split the shapes up to create a design made out of fabric dressing it on a design template. I did this by cutting out the shape and layering it up using over locking to neaten the edges and add detail to the shoulder.What do your creative brains think ?

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