Sunday, 29 May 2011


In addition to my independent projects we managed to complete another triumphant task by creating a dress using a technique called Subtractional Cutting. I didn't get up to taking pictures of my final result but I can show you how we managed to create the dress.
The patterns were already done for us which saved us plenty o
f time.
1. First we took the front and back patterns and threw them on the fabric in any direction and traced round them. I had to interpret a circle into my design so had to trace around it at the bottom corner and then diagonally
opposite notching them so you knew where they matched.
2. Then we drew lines inside the shape so we knew where we had to cut out of.
3. Constructed the tube by sewing down the top and the side left open 1cm seam allowance.
4. Cut out all the shapes and notched them, constructing the dar
ts in the front.
5. Then I matched the shoulder seams up and side seam sewing 1 cm seam allowance.
6. Then I matched the circles up at the notches and sewed a 1c
m seam allowance.
7. Created the facing.
8. The finishing touches were hand tacking the ruffle and the hem line and the garment was completed.I did say that I haven't got pictures of my final result but I will definitely post it once I have got back into college and got it on the mannequin which will mould the shape and emphasise the shapes created.

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