Monday, 9 May 2011


During the process of making the Japanese skirt with the hole inserted in it I first tried it in a fabric with a rough texture and then decided it didn't have a lot of volume so chose to use Hessian which in my opinion was most successful. I found Hessian challenging to work with but produced the nicest flare and stronger structure and texture. With the fabric the volume dropped and the design lines weren't defined enough whereas with the Hessian the design lines were clear veering towards the holes and the flared fabric was exaggerated with the heavy weight of the Hessian fabric. I have to confess I could have presses the skirt before I put it on the mannequin but It wasn't the successful one out of the two so I didn't make as much effort. As you can see this skirt wasn't as successful but I thought I would see how it would work out and some shots are okay with a little bit of photo shop they could be nice for my portfolio.FRONTFRONT

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