Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Before I create a toile diary I have to problem solve all the difficult areas so I have been experimenting with different sized circles and ways in which I can tack them together.

BIGGER CIRCLES- I think this worked nice giving excess
volume that uplifts from the body to emphasise the shapes and structure of the bodice.

BACK AND FRONT - I attached both sets of circles that had been tacked together to see if I would get a better idea if I were to use more fabric concentrating on how effective the shoulder would look.

CURVED CIRCLES - I also looked at different ways in which I can sew my circles to fabric so I approached this idea with hand ta
cking in the centre of circles to creating a dipped effect. This technique looked really nice providing an ambiguous direction all swaying at alternate angles. I would attempt this again but pretend the underneath fabric wasn't there and try and figure out how the shapes would hold.
I also tried a similar technique to what I had used on the bigger circles pinning them to create more volume which also worked but I prefer the flat attempt as it looked much neater.

SCRUNCHED CIRCLES - For this I used the circles that I used for the curved circles and attached them closer together pushing the upper row forward giving it a scrunches effect. I like how compact the circles are giving a nice texture and I would consider merging both methods together loosening out as it approached either the bottom of the back or the bust.

CONES - I felt that this technique didn't work because they seemed to separate into different facings making it all look a bit disorientated. If I were to approach this again I would definitely press them down and make sure they are closely fastened.

I combined all three samples together to see how it would work and it looked rather nice with the loose circles at the back slowing opening out and the scrunches circles creating a journey through the fabric which would symbolise my chosen theme.

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