Monday, 16 May 2011


Today we have had a visit from a freelance stylist - Jemma Sawyer, which has educated us on the manic world of fashion styling.We got the task of creating a 1 page feature for Amber Rose in ID magazine so as you can imagine it has to be high fashion and very bold and powerful like she is. For the clothing centre piece we got inspiration from her previous styles, trend and looks she often appeared in but updated it to suit a couture market level making it more appropriate for ID magazine.

For the make up we decided use block colours which are back in this season as it reflects her personality and her casual clothing style. Due to the fact she has little hair we decided to make the photo shoot have a concept and use paint to show an outburst of colour and energy making the image more dramatic. For the shoes we were inspired by her background and culture choosing a shoe with rope and beads revealing a African American nationality.The sunglasses are Amber Roses statement piece so we thought we had to involve them in the image and decided on a plain black and white background focusing on her and what she was wearing.

I think I have learnt quite a lot today and got a better knowledge of the styling aspect of fashion and right now not sure what I want to pursue in the industry but styling could possibly be one of them.

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