Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have been experimenting with various medias and materials trying to illustrate my design taking influences from illustrators works that I have researched into.
This first attempt has been influenced by Maren Esdar taking
the surreal element and characterisation of her designs and combining it with other collage techniques using inks, pencil, paper and cardboard. I think this would act as a clear resemblance of what my design looks like but could do with a bit more detail providing mot interest and character to the illustration board.

The next attempt was inspired by Maren Esdar and Jackie Bos using the collage technique incorporating stitching. This works but it quite plain and simple and doesn't reflect the 3 dimensional aspect of my design so I would have to use bolder shapes and harsher materials and media.

This was inspired by Carlos Aponte taking the tape collage and applying it to my design features and using the element of the scale with the heads taken from Maren Esdar's work.I think this works really well but I don't like how this design looks in black it is too much and overpowering.
This attempt was my favourite using mixed media of fine liner, collage and ink taken from the influence of Maren Esdar and Lovisa Burfitt making it contrast and more dynamical to what my design creates with the contrast of circles and triangles.

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