Wednesday, 1 June 2011


For my illustration board I experimented with various materials and media trying to aim it my selected target audience. I was inspired by Sophie Toulouse, Maren Esdar, Kat Macleod combining all their styles to create my own. The design itself was inspired by my designs features making the circles realistic using the chosen fabrics an hand sewing them on where they would be on the design. The skirt was created by using fabric similar to what I have used and stitch lines exposing influences of Kat Macleod's work. The characterisation of the person is inspired by Maren Esdar's work creating my own little character to act as a muse for my design. The stitch lines that expand outwards through my illustration board were taken from Kat Macleod's work making less negative space visible. The words were used to express the working class and the newspaper background resembles the hard working citizenship working class people provide.
I think it has presented my design in a coherent manner and I think it suits my target audience of a couture/ Ready to Wear market level so I am pleased with the final outcome.

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