Thursday, 19 May 2011


Straight after finishing my Toile I was already choosing my fabrics using the guidance of my colour scheme and going off the samples I had requested from many different manufacturer's and companies. I didn't have such a good day yesterday as I didn't realise how stressful searching for fabric was. One of the fabrics I was in desperate need for was no longer in stock, I couldn't decide between two different fabrics for my bodice and just to top the day off I got on the wrong bus. I managed to find two of the 4 fabrics that I need for the circles on the shoulder. I also ordered the collage fabric from a German company so hopefully it should arrive soon and still awaiting to collect two other fabrics and my fabric buying should be done. My overall idea was to have the circles in various patterns and have the skirt and bodice in a plain colour still continuing the same colour scheme throughout avoiding a separation as the aim is to make it look as a dress not a skirt and bodice.
COLLAGE FABRIC - 100% Cotton, Width:110cm and £14.99 a metre.
PLAIN RED/ BROWN COTTON - 100% Cotton, Width: 113cm and £2.65 a metre.
PLAIN BROWN COTTON - 100% Cotton, Width:113cm and £2.65 a metre.
LIGHT BROWN COTTON - 100% Cotton, Width: 110cm and £2.35 a metre.
LEAF PATTERNED FABRIC - 100% Cotton, Width: 140cm and £7.80 a metre.

I think all these fabrics are suitable for my dress because the cottons all share a flimsy but secure quality to the fabric and all obtain an interesting pattern that relates to my theme and is within my colour scheme. The red/ brown cotton is suitable for the skirt because it will go well with the fabrics used for the circles and will work well with the wadding because it is a light weight.

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