Friday, 13 May 2011


For some reason this blog post has been deleted so I have to re post it or else I don't know where I'm up to with my toile diary! Whilst I was creating my panels I came across a few problems and decided to solve them the next time I came across them. First problem I came across was when I bagged out both corners and realised it didn't fit on to the next panel because the length was shortened during the bagging out process. I then chose to unpick the stitches on the left side and keep the right bagged out because the left side wouldn't be seen.
The next problem was that the raw edge on the right was showing so I realised I had to leave the left side a raw edge and bag the right corner out because that would be the side revealed on the design. Due to the fact that it was a toile I could leave the 2 mistakes in which I left raw edges but made them less obvious by top stitching holding them down and making them look neater.I am glad I cam across these problems at this stage because I know exactly how to approach the design and not allow any of these mistakes to occur.

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