Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Because it's me creating this Toile you can guarantee there will be some problems with the sewing, which indeed happened whilst fitting the skirt to the mannequin as it was too big because instead of 1.5cm seam allowance I had reduced it to 1cm. This meant I had to take in every seam by a lot more but what I didn't look at was the centre front and back panels which now have moved off centre so if this happened again I would pin them central before taking anything off.
The last stage of my Toile was sewing the bodice to the skirt with this time 1.5cm seam allowance and sewed the side seam up
half way leaving room for the zip.
Taking into account all the problems I have had it has prepared
me for fittings week as I know how to take away if the dress is too big.

I thought I would add the finishing touches to the garment focusing on the shoulder section using the circles and hand tacking them under the facing but for the final thing attach them on the bodice before I attach the facing.

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