Tuesday, 3 May 2011


As you have seen throughout my latest blog posts I have started to sample my final design and have continued my experimentation to now start to see which quilting lines are closest to my vision and which will gain the most volume.

1. This technique worked out nicely using the diagonal lines to trap more fullness within the different sections.I could always stitch the lines straighter but it's only a sample, but I think it looks professional and is an even distance spread out for them to stand out more in full scale.
2. I used the technique I am going to continue with but added the lines on and it didn't look nice but it could look different full scale as the lines will spread out and look more professional.
3. I liked this sample because I managed to find a line pattern that complemented the structure of the skirt making smaller sections really made a difference in thickness and volume which I wanted.
4. This was my favourite attempt because the lines were spread out but still compact and used straighter lines and worked nicely with the shape and size of the sample and would prolong even further with the expansion of size.

These are only a few of my samples and I will still continue with this process because if you are or have been a fashion student you will know how long the design process takes!

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