Monday, 31 January 2011


During our hand embroidery workshop we got given a selection of worksheets with various stitches and visual diagrams to prompt us whilst attempting sewing.I managed to vary the standard by attempting hard and easy stitches and stitching onto magazines to build up layers. Out of all the stitches I preferred the appearance of the blanket stitch as it embedded nice shapes and was fairly subtle. I thought hand embroidery would be really easy but actually it's harder to sew in straight line, or is that just me? Considering I hadn't attempted any of these techniques before I thought the notes guided me very well.To present my hand embroidery attempts I wanted to layer and overlap different colours and textures to get an idea of what colour scheme I wanted to use for my final design.Out of both these colour schemes I prefer the darker shades of greens, blues and browns as the are deep and rich in colour. Whereas the oranges and pinks are too bright for my garment structure and would overpower the detail of the techniques used. Out of all these techniques I would consider using a cross stitch, beading or seeding as they are the techniques I find easiest and in small areas can look effective.
I also attempted different machine lengths and stitches as they would provide a nicer finish than hand embroidery. These were more successful as the shapes were tighter and secure.

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