Saturday, 22 January 2011


Obsessed with details, ephemera, memories, and found objects, she grew up on a visual diet of comics and trips to the local antique shop. The facination of man and machine creates a relationship of how she sees technology evolving and how much people depend on it.She often juxtaposes organic and mechanical images to form surreal and whimsical narratives. Butterflies, insects and organisms are also a common theme throughout her work as she draws much of her inspiration from nature and it's rustic colour palette.She shares a similiar style to Salvador Dali with time and age with the use of clocks whereas she uses alternative technological equipment. She also uses scientific faces and figures to suit the concept and make it have a vintage appearance. I appeal to this style of art because it has more meaning and has an interesting appearance with the use of shades and tints placing it in another time period.

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